Pro-abortion forces are going to gather millions of dollars to advocate for the expansion of abortion rights. Our team is here to assist you in raising the necessary resources to challenge them effectively.

Consider the impact a properly financed campaign can have in connecting with key audiences precisely when it matters most, paving the way for a successful pro-life campaign.

Whether you are looking to build on the success of previous efforts or don’t know where to get started, our experts can guide you through the steps to help you raise more funds.

Major Gift Annual Campaign Consulting

Your organization needs all the funds it can get to surge ahead and achieve its mission. What if your donors aren’t giving to their capacity, or money is being left on the table?

Cogency can offer advice and guidance to help you analyze and project the potential giving of your donors. We provide planning, management, presentation tools, and training. Powered by Choose Life Marketing, our consultants ensure that your campaign runs smoothly while our strategy ultimately leads to success. Increasing revenue by maximizing major giving and growing the relationships with your major gift donors is key to ensuring a bright future for your organization. Why hire a consultant?

Capital Campaign Planning and Management

When it’s time to do the heavy lifting, you need the experts at Cogency to give your campaign hands-on management. Our expertise comes from decades of major gift development in the pro-life movement. Our focused approach to fundraising empowers us to put the skills and experience of our entire staff to work on your campaign from start to finish.

Our most commonly used capital campaign services include:

  • Initial assessment
  • Campaign plan and management
  • Brochure and case statement design
  • Capital campaign timelines, budgets, and organizational charts
  • Video production
  • Foundation research and grant writing services
  • Meeting planning and facilitation
  • Public relations strategies
  • Solicitation training

Segmented Donor Email Campaigns

Segmented email campaigns have proven to be an effective method of reaching donors with your center’s message and giving calls-to-action (CTAs). Once we establish the length of your donor email campaign, we will create an email template, write content, and design custom graphics for each email throughout the campaign. Email messaging adapts based on a donor’s actions in the previous email.

Donor Facebook Campaigns

Our digital strategists will create advertising copy and graphics that reflect your donor campaign goals. Once approved, we serve these advertisements to a specific target audience that we develop based on your donor demographics, email list, and more. The ads will be tested and managed throughout the length of your campaign.

Raise More Funds with Cogency Strategic

The above services are only a glimpse of how Cogency Strategic can help you raise more funds than ever before. Schedule a free consultation to talk with a Cogency Strategic expert about how you can elevate your fundraising efforts.


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