Winning Campaigns

Pro-Life Strategy & Management

Other agencies or firms may promise a winning campaign from their strategists, copywriters, and designers. But do they understand your pro-life values, mission, purpose, and messaging? When you want to win pro-life battles, you need to know your campaign managers understand who your organization is at its core. The pro-life message requires nuance and clarity,

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Reach Voters With Digital Messaging

Cogency Strategic is a consultancy firm and full-service marketing agency that excels in the realm of digital messaging, particularly in reaching voters with precision and impact. Our expertise lies not only in understanding the digital landscape but also in our ability to identify and connect with the right voters, tailored to each campaign’s specific needs.

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Big Tech Navigation

You don’t have to interact on Big Tech platforms for long to realize just how biased they are against pro-life voices. Social media platforms have repeatedly removed pro-life accounts, YouTube demonetizes pro-life voices, and Google has imposed rules for their Display Ad Network that are only enforced for pro-life entities. In such a landscape, it

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