Big Tech Navigation

You don’t have to interact on Big Tech platforms for long to realize just how biased they are against pro-life voices.

Social media platforms have repeatedly removed pro-life accounts, YouTube demonetizes pro-life voices, and Google has imposed rules for their Display Ad Network that are only enforced for pro-life entities.

In such a landscape, it can feel impossible to get your message out there. But it’s not. It just requires a strategic, diversified plan to cut through the censorship and ensure your campaigns reach the right people.

Navigating Censorship

We know how to navigate this type of censorship and one-sided rules because we’ve experienced it firsthand. Because we were prepared with a multi-pronged approach and equipped with the right legislative relationships, we were able to work around having our Business Manager account shut down by Meta and play by Google’s rules in creative ways to still amplify our pro-life message.

But navigating these Big Tech platforms is not for the faint of heart or someone inexperienced with marketing.

If your campaigns have been impacted by censorship or unfair application of Big Tech rules, you aren’t alone, and we can help. We’ll work through your current campaign issues and strategize new ones so you aren’t left high and dry if one platform fails you.


We’re not just experts at pro-life messaging. We’re also experts at cutting through Big Tech issues to make sure your message is heard and your campaign is successful.
Contact us to get the help you need to ensure your message is heard before it’s too late. Don’t put the fate of your pro-life campaign solely in Big Tech’s hands. Instead, secure victory for life for your state by experiencing the Cogency difference today.


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