Digital Message Delivery

What you did twenty or thirty years ago worked then, but in today’s modern landscape, you must embrace cutting-edge digital messaging strategies.

It’s time to transform and elevate your digital messaging. Effective messaging requires reaching the right people with the right message and maximizing your results. When it comes to pro-life campaigns, a visceral and visual approach can make all the difference between life-saving wins and catastrophic losses.

Cogency Strategic has developed digital messaging delivery services to help you win your pro-life campaigns and achieve your goals to save lives in your state.

The Cogency Strategic Method

Because Cogency Strategy crafts custom strategies to meet your unique goals, we will only select services that will move the needle. Below are digital services offered by Cogency Strategic that will help you win your pro-life campaigns and achieve your goals to save lives in your state:

Social Media

Connect with every generation effectively using the power of social media. Elevate your campaign with our captivating content and eye-catching visuals, tailored for each unique platform and target voters.

Our expert team delivers a bespoke strategy with engaging posts, compelling stories, and dynamic videos every month. Let us put your mission in the spotlight and ensure it reaches the right voters for your success.


When you need to target people within a specific geographical location, you need geofencing. This ad strategy utilizes the Google Display Network and beyond. It shows your display or video message ads to people in a specific location, even in their homes, while they are streaming their favorite shows. Whether they are using their TV, phone, or tablet, we place your message in front of them while they browse anywhere online or on any app, which makes targeting voters in specific districts much easier.

After a thorough strategy session, we’ll effectively reach your optimal voters with compelling messaging.

Facebook Retargeting

Do you ever wish you could send someone a follow-up message, but you don’t have their email address? With retargeting, you can follow people from your website to social media and show ads that visually remind them of what they read about on your website.

They say it takes seven times for a message to stick, which makes Facebook retargeting a great solution to ensure people aren’t simply receiving your message; they’re internalizing it.

Email Messaging

Email messaging is one of the most effective ways to engage your passionate supporters. Whether you need help building, cultivating, or activating your email list, we’re on top of it. From stunning and captivating email designs to perfectly crafted email copy, our team works together to promote your campaign and activate your list so you can win campaigns for life.

Take Action. Achieve Results.

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